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“For the past several years, I’ve read all the novels from the shortlist for the Ngaio Marsh Awards, literary awards presented annually in New Zealand. But this year, several things conspired to prevent me from doing so. Still, I was determined to at least read the books picked as the best novel and best first novel. So, that’s how I came to pick up a copy of ‘For Reasons of Their Own’ by Chris Stuart, the Ngaio Marsh Awards 2021, recipient for the best first novel.

Stuart was quick to lure me in and before I knew it, I was hooked. She offers a strong female lead – both likeable and complex – but a woman at a tough place in her life for several reasons.

I’ve read some truly exceptional crime fiction books in 2021, but For Reasons of Their Own is easily my favourite of the year. Anyone who enjoys reading excellent crime, mystery, and thriller writing will love this book. I’m left eagerly anticipating what Stuart will do for an encore after writing such a brilliant and extraordinary debut novel.”

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