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"Local author Chris Stuart won the Best First Novel at the 2021 Ngaio Marsh awards for her terrific For Reasons of Their Own which introduced us to DI Robbie Gray – a very good detective, likeable, complex, and with the tenacity to find justice at all costs. The Glasgow Smile is an even better read. Well researched and with insight into the flaws of…read more

"Using a piece of notable graffiti art and weaving her characters from her first book in new and challenging circumstances brings forward the ethical dilemmas that her characters tackle with professionalism and skill."  

"It’s numerous themes include trust, deceit, betrayal, but loyalty does shine through in the special relationship DI Robbie Gray has with her sidekick detective and indigenous Australian."

"It's a twisty, thought-provoking read."

"Glasgow Smile is a terrific read and, in Chris Stuart, I’ve added another writer to my 'looking out for' list."

"I love Robbie Gray. She is relatable in so many ways. Flawed, disappointed, misjudged yet fierce and determined."

"The characters are believable and likeable and I cared about them. . Multiple themes resonated with me even as I struggled along with Robbie and Mac to solve the murder mystery. A highly recommended read, I hope it becomes a lengthy series!"

"This book pulled me in to where I had to keep turning the page, and yet I didn't want it to end."

"A thrilling and complex book, with depth of layers, inspiring and gritty, tragic and hopeful. The plot was a tapestry of superb writing, the realism drawing me in to learn more of the world."

"This is a crime thriller that grabs you from the first pages and doesn’t let go until the heart stopping ending. Chris paints a very descriptive picture of the background scenery, the vibe of Melbourne and the essence of the characters.  Her main characters are a joy to get to know, despite their flaws, or maybe because of them. The…read more

"A tapestry of words, as plot with a woven layer of flawed characters inspiring hope."

"Thrilling and complex, highlighting powerlessness and secrets."

"Kept me rivited, guessing until the very end."

"A thrilling, well researched novel of which I couldn't put down."

"Gripping from beginning to end. Another novel full of depth which brings forward the human flaws of characters and the ethical dilemmas we all face."

"A cleverly paced police procedural…a moving portrayal of an unlikely friendship, as well as portraying the gritty underside of Melbourne."

"Chris Stuart is back, proving her award-winning talent again with The Glasgow Smile – timely, with complex characters and  depth and layers we have come to expect from this new voice in New Zealand crime fiction. More please!"

A formidable display of stunningly written scenes that cohere into a fully satisfying narrative

"For the past several years, I’ve read all the novels from the shortlist for the Ngaio Marsh Awards, literary awards presented annually in New Zealand. But this year, several things conspired to prevent me from doing so. Still, I was determined to at least read the books picked as the best novel and best first novel. So, that’s how I…read more

Major new writing talent

"For Reasons of their Own is a thrilling debut novel that announces a major new writing talent to the world."  

Book explores grunty themes

"Just finished reading this book after going to the launch at the weekend... what a page-turner. Highly recommend. Chris is a talented new writer exploring some grunty themes of culture, ethnicity, courage, ethical dilemma, relationship - she's woven a very compelling story."

It transported me right to Melbourne and the convention centre in the first few pages…

"From Plinkers, and I thought she didn’t want to play ukulele anymore but she has holed herself away to write her debut novel. Written in Nelson but set in Melbourne - it transported me right to Melbourne and the convention centre in the first few pages. The nearby semi-rural suburbs hinted at locales yet to be discovered."    

This book is an atmospheric murder mystery set in the heat of an Australian summer.

"This book is an atmospheric murder mystery set in the heat of an Australian summer. It raises the issues of refugees and the agencies that are supposed to look after them. Not only did it make to want to know who did it, it also made me care about DI Gray and her colleagues. A good read."

A life lived to the full

"Chris has certainly lived an interesting life. This really comes thru in her writing and she's not scared to say it like it is. It's refreshing."

A natural writer

"Chris Stuart is an exciting writer who is making waves on the New Zealand Crime novel scene. Highly recommend!"

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