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New blog new direction new chapter

This is my first ever blog…..and a huge welcome to those people who want to know a little more about me and my writing.

When I was thinking of what to write, I thought that you might be interested in my journey as a self published author and the huge dedicatedlearning curve I have been on for the past eighteen months. I sometimes find it hard to be a beginner, in fact I dont like it at all as I am someone who likes to be capable and skilled very early in any process and find fumbling and ineptitude very unpleasant. I have often likened  writing as the same as when I was learning to knit. At first you find the needles cumbersome,you fingers ache, you dont quite get the tension right, you drop stitches, you mess up the pattern but in the end you get there and you have a garment of which you are very proud. Skilled knitters will notice the flaws, the colour and patterns not quite right, the fit too long or short but they can see you have the potential to knit a fantastic jersey in the future so they are encouraging and admire your perserverence. You sadly realise that you havent written a  War and Peace, or to Kill a Mockingbird and you aren’t an Ian Rankin or Colin Dexter, but you are reassured that they wrote great novels only after years of practice.  “For Reasons of their Own’ is my second novel, but my first crime and I am dead proud. If this novel was a jersey, I would wear it all the time.

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