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“Every reader should know what the author looks like,so I am told, but I have often been disappointed when I have done this. I remember when I was in Dubai and they had their first writing conference ( which of course was bigger than Ben Hur) and we had such celebs as Louis De Bernier, Phillipa Gregory, Geoffrey Archer, and Ranulf Feinnes. One of my favourite writers was there..and this man could turn a plain sentence into a sparkling diamond….with such passion, vivid, sharp images of prose which had me transported to another time and place and my imagination was fired so much I almost was a character in the book, he drew the reader in so much. After much anticpation, I finally met him in a workshop but wasnt expecting to see a man who closely resembled a spider and this disappointed me. It wasnt personal. he just wasnt what I expected and I had him too tied to the characters in his books. Maybe its best we keep the image of the person who wrote the book, only in our minds.

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