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Driving and thinking

I have just completed a round trip to Dunedin to see my mum.  From Nelson it is a ten hour road journey and I love doing it because not only do I get to spend time with mum when I arrive, I get uninterrupted thinking time there and back. I muse over paragraphs I have written, or plot points that aren’t working, or just reflect where things are working well and where they are not.  An example was  where I couldn’t get marbles out of my head and realised that I wanted this dead body to have eyes that were like dulled marbles. I came back and inserted dialogue where I had too much narrative and it became much more clear as to where and I should try and tell the backstory.

I do have to write things down and always carry a notebook…..but the reality is that I find my notes everywhere…on the back of envelopes, on my food list, in my diary and on newspapers. Its a bit hopeless really because I then have to scramble to remember where they are.  But I am  onto the sequel and this is the exciting part, and I particularly like the research. Today I was looking up stage terminology as I had an exciting location in mine which looked like a theatre curtain, but all its called is a backdrop. Sometimes the exciting word you are looking for is just not there!!   But it might come later.  I have also been playing around with titles……watch this space.

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