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Television Review

Today I saw my book reviewed on national NZ TV.  here is the link to those who want to have a listen. It wont take long.  There are about three books reviewed before mine so dont get confused. I am a third of the way through the sequel draft. I know the story line in my heart and the first draft is all about getting it a this paragraph right here, or should this action happen later….have a paced it well…and then those damn characters come and take over…DI Gray and I wrestle a lot.

Book Giveaway.

This week Carly Flynn was able to welcome some guests into her home, one of these was book enthusiast Karen McMillian back to share with us some new books and also new authors on the rise. If you would like to win one of the books, mentioned, comment down below which book you would love to read and we will give away one book each to a lucky viewer!

Posted by The Cafe on Monday, September 28, 2020

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