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Its taken me while, as it did in my first novel, to decide on a title.  Some authors don’t worry about this until their book is finished but I think it is pivotal to the story; its the anchor, the lynchpin. The title holds the story together, entices the readers expectations and sets the tone. I had played around with several ideas, but I kept coming back to my original idea and the sequel is going to be called “The Glasgow Smile.”

What’s a title like the geographical Glasgow doing in a novel set in central Melbourne. Now that’s an interesting question.  One which will be resolved when you read the book.

I have also been looking at openings of first novels and most of the the most popular first lines are well known. While I agree that a good first line is essential, I also think there’s no point have one fabulous line and the rest of the book isn’t up to that one line. Maybe its better to have an opening line that hints at what is to come, sets the voice, asks the questions and then the reader, like a swimming fish is attracted to the lure of the next chapter, the next words and then the bite.

This is the opening line in “The Glasgow Smile”: (  so far )

The deluge started the same month as the murder was being planned and with the same intense fury and resolve.

I am still working on the sequel, and those characters can take off on me and disregard all my plot intentions, so watch this space.



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