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writing blues

The past few weeks have been filled with personal matters. My lovely aged mother passed away and it feels as though i have lost the umbrella that has been hovering over me and protecting me all my life. She was suffering from dementia and when people said how sorry they were for the loss, I would respond that with dementia, you lose your mother in slow painful increments. They way that the current large operationally mandated nursing homes put money ahead of residents welfare is a perpetual crime and something that i want to explore further in a future novel. All the advertisements in the various media outlets push and promote how happy residents are, but these people are all independent living..which is lovely while they are fully well. It is when one gets ill and moves into residential care that the problems begin  yet we neither see nor hear from these people., they become invisible. At this point in their life they are so vulnerable, and the quality of care poor, I think generations ahead will look at how our aged people are treated and weep. The control and abuse of the elderly when someone has the legal write to do so, also needs to be highlighted and shouted from the rooftops. I consider this slow murder which allows a killer to get away with a crime and no one cares.

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