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Post Award

It truly is an incredible journey a writer goes on to want to be an author.  The road twists and turns and you never really know where your destination is  or what its going to look like. It is very exciting as well as kind of daunting.

I had a small celebration party with friends and supporters on Sunday afternoon and we all had a great time.  These were the people who believed in me and patiently listened to me ramble on about my wrtiting or my apologies when I couldnt meet…and during those ups and downs were my levellers…my barometers of sanity.  I had the opportunity to read the opening chapter of my next novel and I felt that stir of anticipation so that felt really wonderful.

Since then, quite a few phone calls and congrats, but one offer of a 5 year contract with Ulverstone/Aurora to put this novel into an audio book and large print. This UK publishing house is global and it does mean my name will be start to be heard the other side of the equator which is what I had been hoping for. My printing firm, Your books are also assisting me to find a distributor within NZ and Australia and we are redesigning the front cover. Feedback is that th ecurrent cover isn’t crime thriller looking enough…so I bow to the marketing team. What we have come up with is fabulous and when I get the final copy, I will upload it for everyone to see.  It screams Australia and mystery

In the meantime, I am finishing off the draft to the sequel which i hope to have ready by Xmas and in two weeks will be going to a writing retreat in Marahau with Elizabeth Know which I am so looking forward to.

Now the pressure is on.

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