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Happy new Year

I am late in wishing everyone a happy new year, but I presume that everyone has been wished to kingdom come and back this in a small window of flurry ..and therefore this is an adjunct and I am reminding myself that it is going to be a good year. The first good news is that I have found myself and Australian editor. Whoop Whoop. Narelle Harris has been recommended to me by the fantastic ladies of Sisters in Crime, the Melbourne branch. I had a zoom meeting with Narelle yesterday and we are on track for her to start editing at the beginning of April.  ( and here I am with a rewrite and 80 pages to go!!)

Once I have finished a draft, I go over all my old notes, thoughts, ideas, words to make sure I haven’t missed something incredibly vital….but I haven’t…but I still need to check. .I tend to think this word could be better here……how many times can one play around with he said, she said and finding the exact word consumes and frustrates me. I think i will get better the more I write.

I am way behind on dates and timelines, this second novel is a little more complex and sometimes it’s like braiding cobwebs….but I am slowly tying everything together and my killer is slowly having the proverbial net closing in on them.  Watch this space.


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