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Access to audio book

I often have a laugh at myself….the most recent being receiving a note from the post office that I had a parcel to pick up. I went through my list of online purchases and came up with nothing, so I had no idea what someone was sending me.  When I opened the plain brown parcel….my first thought was that there has been a mistake, I never ordered a DVD and then when I looked at the title, I realised that instead of my speculative thoughts that it might have been..Bunny does Dallas…it was the audio book of “For Reasons of their Own.”   Yay!!

As I no longer posses a DVD so I am going to download this directly as an MP3..which I had to google to understand and it is available as a digital.

Last year I signed a contract with the leading UK audio and large print distributor  of books called Ulverscroft. If anyone reading this wants an audio book or a digital down load, all they need to do is join Ulverscroft on line and everything is explained following that.  Its inexpensive and there is a wide library of books to choose from. Audio books are gaining  in popularity and young people are choosing more and more to access this medium.

The narrator of my book is a wonderful Kiwi girl, Kirsty Gilmore,  who had lived in Australia and now resides in the UK, so she was easily able to do the Kiwi accent of DI Gray and then take off the Australian characters. I think she has totally nailed the different accents. I’d love to have some feedback if anyone had listened to the book.

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