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Visit to Melbourne

Just back from a week-long trip to Melbourne. The intent was to meet other NZ crime writers living across the ditch and to do some further research on book three..title pending. Part of the challenge for me was winning the Ngaio Marsh award during Covid, with all my hopes of future possibilities somewhat dashed by lockdowns and restrictions, especially in my inability during isolation to promote and market my book. In Melbourne, I found out that I am not in a unique situation. This has happened to other writers who had debut novels during this period as well.

One the good news side, I meet with Professor David Ranson of the Victoria Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)  and we have a fabulous chat about the technical aspects of strangling and I had an escorted tour through their facility, including the autopsy room. It was rather a pinch me moment!!  He has kindly offered me continuing technical support as I plough  on book three….although after meeting with him,  more than a few changes are necessary.

I also meet with fellow sisters in crime and made some useful contacts and really enjoyed the support from my colleagues over the ditch. I am toying with the idea of doing a house swap …..just for three months.  One of the things I enjoyed most was getting back on the trams and walking Melbourne. I found the new state of the art police station rather interesting and the Federal Police unhelpful.  I had forgotten the smells and the clangs and rumbles and the noise…not to mention the food.  I thought I could smell burnt jam.!!   I have attached some photos of the laneways where some of book two is set.





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