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Happy New Year


This year I have made very few New Year resolutions, which is unusual as I always have a long list…most of which I achieve. The only one I never achieve is to be reed thin again. So why don’t I have a list.  I think this is because I have a very busy year ahead…my second book is to be launched in April, I am going to Europe in July and I am working on my third, as yet untitled novel. Just before Xmas I had instructions on how to use instagram and twitter because my social media profile isnt as high as it could be. I haven’t done the accounting, but its a good way of keeping on track and letting people know what you are doing and feeling.

If I had one wish this year, yes we all want world peace, we want to see no one go hungry or homeless and climate change to slow down……..these are a given..but I wish for every single person on this planet, wonderful contentment, wild unpredictability, the strength and courage to face challenges head on and enough love to smother evil.


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