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This week

This has been a week of rest. A visit to the physio as to why my hands are seizing up…and find out it is because of my posture when writing and failure to take regular breaks. I have been advised to get a new chair….a new desk and a new computer….( stop writing) eek !!

I have promised myself if The Glasgow Smile does well..I will. at the moment I sit on a fabulous replica of an old Roman senate chair and I love helps me be creative…I shall post a picture of it next week.

I am having a rest this week from writing, while the copy editor goes through the MS, but the front cover design is exciting, and I am giving a series of talks to Probus around Nelson and a radio interview in the next hour.

I had better slow myself down before I go on air as my dog decided to cross the Maitai river this morning and all i could do was watch him paddle ..thank goodness he swam back with not a care in the world, while I was left on the bank reeling in shock, thinking he would never make it. It’s about having faith in him and the tide not going out.

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