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Crime Festivals

When I was a child, I was an avid fan of “Murder, she Wrote.”  Not that I ever figured out who the killer was, but what a life that Jessica Fletcher had.  A widow, lots of friends and always heading off to crime conferences and living in Cabot Cover..all too perfect. Nevertheless, I used to imagine how wonderful that would be and how much I would like that to be me when I got older.

I also had the same feelings about Ms Marple. I never wanted to marry….really..and couldn’t have lived the life I have, had I done so.  So..I used to imagine myself as being old, living in a really nice cottage and very busy and clever solving mysteries..

So it is surreal in many ways to think I have achieved a sort of combination of both women. I am heading to my first crime conference, I am writing mysteries and I am independent fulfilled and happy.  I had a pinch me moment!!

The Theakstone Peculier Crime festival is in Harrogate, Yorkshire in July and it is three days of fun with top UK writers. Then I am coming back to the Sydney BAD festival in November, the premier crime writing festival in Australia. There I am appearing on a panel with former winners of the Ngaio Marsh award. JP Pomare, RWR MCDonald, Jacquie Bublitz and me.  The countdown has begun.

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