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Book launch

The day finally arrived and after very little sleep that night, I was one excited and apprehensive author. The setting at the Honest Lawyer was perfect and I went early and arranged a power point presentation which was going to play on a loop all evening and when finished ,,,,I just sat there alone and soaked in the quiet atmosphere.  Just before 4.30 the crowds started arriving and with the support of my closest nelson girlfriends, the evening began, and it was simply magic. Bryce Wastney strummed his guitar in the background enhancing the atmosphere in the room, which was one of expectations, of support and encouragement, the place just buzzed. All up, there was over 90 people in the room, no more chairs available and people were left standing at the rear wall. My friend Gael acted as MC and read out reviews so far from the book so far which were great. I then specifically thanked people who had significant input into the book, from the painted lips on the front cover, to the Alpha and Beta readers and the technical support as well as my marketing guru. and then I explained the genesis of the novel and did a small reading. The evening wrapped up with questions and answers and me signing books.  Page and Backmore, Nelsons local independent store were amazingly and helped with sales and offered some financial support for which I am very grateful.  It couldn’t have gone any better.

Oh yes,,except for the lack of media presence. Despite being assured twice by the office of the Labour party in Nelson that they would support me by organising media coverage… didnt happen.  I shall follow up as to why. It was challenging enough being rendered invisible during Covid with my first book even after winning the Ngaios, so it was really important that this didn’t happen again.  It was also interesting to have invited every councilor in the Nelson Tasman region and yet not one turned up.


but as my writing mentor repeatedly tells me..accept the wins and ignore the disappointments, so I shall.


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