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Preparing for Sydney BAD festival

One week to go until the opening night of the SYdney Bad festival…..and I am so looking forward to the event. I have read one book of each of my fellow authors on the KILLER KIWI panel and they are all so brilliantly good….its going to be such a great few days. I have heard many well regarded authors repeat the mantra of …read..something I find hard to do when i am writing….i find living in three worlds just a tad cumbersome… I dont usually read anything new when I am writing. As a crime writer, I also find managing and navigating my ways through the turns and twists, the lies and deceit and misdirection, I find it hard to stop and start writing..I need a concentrated run of six months to get through the I am not writing at the moment.

I will have a German student come and stay with me next year for five months and I just know that is going to keep me so grounded and on track.

After Sydney, I fly down to Melbourne to the Sun Bookshop, where I will launch The Glasgow Smile into the loving arms of Australian citizens. I cant wait.

The attached phot is R.W.R McDonald who is a kiwi author living in Melbourne and he will chair the Killer Kiwi panel. I have no idea what to all very exciting.

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