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Book launch

I have given a lot of talks and presentations over the years, but I am having my first authors talk at the Richmond Library and I am also organising my book launch.

When I have gone to listen to other authors, their talks seem to focus on the book, rather than the process of writing and this is an area I am going to concentrate my talk on, because the process is just so crucial to the outcome of the book.  The person who started writing “For Reasons of their Own” and the person who wrote that last and many edited paragraph, are almost two different people, not only in terms of writing ability, but also in terms of understanding a lot more about who I am, what drives me, how to get up and write when your heart feels smashed, how to come down from the ceiling when you have written the best line ever, how to manage low and high expectations, how to be patient and to be kind to yourself.  I shall write about the book launch in the next few days.

Can you please let me know if you are coming for catering purposes
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