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Just finished reading this book after going to the launch in the weekend… what a page turner. Highly recommend. Chris is a talented new writer exploring some grunty themes of culture, ethnicity, courage, ethical dilemma, relationship – she’s woven a very compelling story.  Kindra douglas

Have completed this excellent read. I love the way you have developed the characters and the plot! I kept drawing parallels from my life experiences and hope that Mac is going to be a central character as you write the rest of your books.He reminds me so much of a special friend who put up with so much “hidden” taunting even though he was a reputable and achieving lawyer.  Juliet Lewis

I’ve finished the book and I love it! A whodunnit with twists and turns and a great cast of characters. Some of you might remember

Chris Stuart

“from Plinkers, and I thought she didn’t want to play ukulele anymore but she has holed herself away to write her debut novel. Written in Nelson but set in Melbourne – it transported me right to Melbourne and the convention centre in the first few pages. The   nearby semi-rural suburbs hinted at locales yet to be discovered. “

Karen Brown


“Just finished the book!!!! Really good and never really knew “who dunit” until the end, so many little twists and turns. The GOOD thing is that there is definitely another book coming because of the way this tale ended.”

, you have some URGENT writing to do, I hate waiting for the next good read!!!! Dianne Templeton

the book launch on Saturday.  watch this space.  I was exhausted on Sunday and went for a long walk with the dogs to the beach and realised that it is now up to my book to stand on its own the wise literati said….the first rule of being a successful to write a damn good book.


Over to you “For Reasons of their Own.”

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