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Covid 19 has changed all our lives and also our intentions. I was planning to go to Europe, to repeat the journey I did as a broke 22 year old, to see what its like when can travel and not live on $10 a day.  That is no longer a possibility for the foreseeable future, and as I like to turn negatives into positives, this is now an opportunity to start the write the sequel to “Reasons”.  I was musing with a friend the other night, who asked my if COVID would feature in my novel, but I said no… it is set in 2015. However, I do wonder how many crime writers are going to use masks to hide identities, discredit witnesses and I am sure a whole heap of other ideas that an author could play around with and the protagonist can tease .

“Could you identify this man?” the lawyer asked

“Yes your honour..he had black hair and was wearing a lime green and white stripped mask with giraffes holding sunglasses and cocktails.  It  looked homemade as I could still see the inner lining from his underpants crutch!”

Case dismissed.

Doesn’t bear thinking about!!

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