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My writing journey is like any journey…one hopes to see and learn new things.  A writing journey is more internal, ( when one is at the writing stage)  and all about an inner discovery, what are you strengths, what are your weaknesses, are you patient. determined or am I resilient or a quitter. I am still learning about me as an author, and at the moment I have come to a halt…a writers block..wall. hurdle, hedge …..and this is because I  am a pantser…I write by the seat of my pants. When I have tired to set out a plot, the characters begin to tell me what to do and any plot goes right out the window.  I think I know the problem….i need more drama…more depth, more conflict and intrigue and I dont think I am getting it down. A long walk often helps…..and having a break….but it teases and taunts me ……but I will break through.

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