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While I was away, the winner of the NZ booklovers was announced and it wasn’t me. I didn’t have any expectations that I would win, so I was not disappointed. During my holiday break, i had intended to write, but in fact, I couldn’t and was frustrated for the first few days, then realised that I actually needed a break from the world of DI Gray as what I had been writing up to now was harrowing and draining, not only for my protagonist but also for me.

I am not a quitter, in fact, adversity spurs me on because this is when determination and resolve matter most. I hadn’t quite realised this about me until I watched the America’s Cup on the day the NZ boat came off its foils and was languishing in the Harbour and the Italians sped past…the TV commentators were expressing disappointment and analysing the failure and yet, here I was on the couch yelling..don’t give up…don’t give up.. it isn’t over!!

And the Italians fell off their foils and NZ sailed past.  I think that the two races that day were the most exciting sporting event I have ever seen. It wasn’t so much about winning, it was about strategy, about belief and about skill and sportsmanship and most importantly about not giving up.

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