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Between Christmas and New Year

This Christmas, I felt a bit “bah humbug”. My first Xmas without my mother and as the oldest of my siblings, I am top of the chain now. I just couldn’t get into the xmas mood. When I was working overseas, often Christmas would go past unnoticed, or uncelebrated, so I always made sure that whenever I had the opportunity to catch up with family and friends when I returned home, I always treated these reconnections as my Xmas.

So I have been writing. I am sending in this new manuscript to the assessor at the end of January and also to my apha readers and then I am going to have a break. My fingers are stiffening and need a rest. I want to head to Kumara and to Reefton and then to a place called Waiutu, just throw the dogs in the car and head off. The one task I must do, is find myself an Australian editor.

I have been lucky enough to now have a NZ distribtor of my book so I am thrilled its going to get to book stores and this will hopefully get people to know who I am. The new cover looks amazing..although I loved the original..I understand the marketing rationale.

take care everyone. May 2022 be a year of love and peace and a plea to the gods to keep our planet safe from self interest, corporate greed and corruption.

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