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Literary agent

Over the last week, a couple of exciting achievements have happened. The first is that I have been signed with High Spot Literary agency. The rest of my writing future, is to a large extent, now in the safe and capable hands of Catherine Wallace who will pitch my books to publishers, TV and media and to other media outlets, including foreign rights. It is a huge burden lifted in terms of marketing and it means I can concentrate on my writing. I haven’t quite  stopped myself from dreaming of seeing my book made into a movie, I think Claudia Karvan would make an excellent DI Gray, and we all need dreams!!

The second achievement is that I have finished the draft of the second book to the point where it has gone out to the alpha readers and the manuscript assessor. This is the really tough part and I wish I could be nonchalant about it all, but of course, I am dying to hear what people think of this draft, in all its roughness so far.

The tools of my trade, my fingers, have taken a bit of a hammering over the last few years and I am now having acupuncture and regular massages to stop the stiffening and swelling.  So far, I am seeing an improvement. I am not quite ready to train my dragon just yet.

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