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Surfacing and an agent

I have been so embroiled in my manuscript after having  feedback from my alpha readers and my police consultant that I am at last surfacing back up and into the real  world. The garden needs doing, the house needs a clean, I need a haircut and a general spruce up.  I want to think about improving at bridge, get my dog Boswell’s separation anxiety sorted and call the handyman around to do about twenty small jobs that I cant do.  I have had a few laughs when you get a manuscript back. Sadly i have been unable to chuck someone in the cells for 24 hours and I cant arrest another person because of insufficient evidence and I most certainly cant be sneaky and take an object which is a major clue when the search warrant has expired. I had a few comments made my readers on my first book, that I obviously knew police procedures. I have to confess I don’t. The manuscript has been reviewed and I have had great feedback and now with the comments of the readers taken on board, I am finished with what I need to do so far.

The next step is ten days break so I can review it all again with a fresh pair of eyes before it goes to my lovely editor in Australia.

In the midst of all this, I signed up a literary agent at High Spot. Catherine Wallace is now my agent and it feels so amazing when I know I have support and someone championing me in the corner. I no longer have to worry about marketing and pitching and I have my fingers crossed that I am able to get more traction for this book than the debut. Covid has been such a handicap for me….but I am the eternal optimist!!! The Glasgow Smile is on its way!!!

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