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Editing and more editing is the name of the game at present. I have the plot so completely clear in my head, it becomes very interesting and sometimes disconcerting when I get asked questions from the editor which I think are evident……obviously not but this helps sharpen the reader experience and I think, deepens the novel. I already want to make some slight tweaks….and as an author its great to have time away from the novel and think about the characters with some emotional distance. Can they do more, can they be more….can I make them more meaningful, make them say words which resonate and build up the tension.  I always like to have themes in my work and The Glasgow Smile is no exception, but if  you want to know what these themes are, then you will need to read my book.

I have also been working on the synopsis and I cant get this sentence out of my head. It must go somewhere.

When the personal and political collide, DI Robbie Gray must somehow find the strength to unravel the twisted leads that are the clues to finding a cunning and ruthless killer.

I am having a nice break from writing and my fingers are grateful for the rest and are not so painful. But I was missing my daily fix of words and think I might just dabble into some poetry.


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