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Third book

The last few weeks have been very busy giving talks around Nelson to community groups on my first novel but everyone is asking where is the second. I tell them it is out of my hands and I don’t  know. The shift from a self published author to having an agent has meant losing control of the process and trusting someone else to do the best for your book and that they would pot as much effort in as you would. So far, I have been told that the book has been pitched to overseas publishers, but as one seasoned author told me, things are glacially slow and it may take months. I find the waiting unbearable.. So to distract me, I have started a third novel. Usually I have a title in my head and that usually becomes the centre of my literary compass point and focuses me and prevents me wandering off..but this time, I dont have one and I thought it would bother me, but it doesn’t for some reason.  I wonder what that means!!


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