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Progress and hard graft

After my return from Melbourne, I had a lot of thinking to do.  The final result is that I will not do a series 3 of DI Robbie Gray and instead complete a stand alone novel.  For over five years, the characters in the last two  crime books have been in my head and now I need to turn around and start existing in another world which at the moment is a wonderful blank page. It will be a wrench. It is also a challenge I welcome.

I have a central character already circling my mind, talking to me, explaining who she is and what she wants.  I like her and I am excited and can see a great storyline emerging. Eleanor Campbell is her name and she is a reserved middle aged woman, menopausal, the kind of women whose tired eyes have seen too much and of the age that men look through or past and she feels invisible.

Literary critics argue the lead antagonist should be strong, stand out character, but I think we need to move away from stereotypes and give readers credit that through my writing, they can see strength identified in other ways,

The other good news is that The Glasgow Smile will be self published and out next year. I would like to aim for the launch to be April 2023.  Watch out for the invite. Any questions or comments drop me an email.

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