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A busy year ahead

I made sure that I had a relaxing time over Christmas as I knew that 2023 was going to be a busy year.  I have really simple pleasures. I love walking my spaniels at the beach and riding my bike, catching up with friends and laughing a lot.  Oh yes and food..I love cooking and eating.!! Then when I have to close the curtains, shut out the sun and write, I can smile at the memories. I find summer a season very hard to write in. I don’t know how those writers who went off to Tahiti and Vietnam managed to do it.  I think alcohol had a bit to do with it.

So what is happening? Well, I am currently working on a third crime novel….at this stage called Untitled and am re-editing “The Glasgow Smile” in preparation for its release in April.   This is no easy task, my mind is in three dimensions and at times I don’t know who I am talking to or where I am.  I am also travelling to Harrogate for the Theakston Peculiar Crime festival and then on to have a long holiday in the Uk and in Split, Italy, which includes a cruise along the coast of Dubrovnik.

In October, I am heading across the ditch to Sydney to the BAD festival, be part of a kiwi brotherhood of crime writers, RWR McDonald and Jacqueline Bulbitz and we are calling ourselves Killing Kiwis.  I just hope those dim Australians don’t think we go around knocking off our national bird.

At the moment I am working on the front cover of “The Glasgow Smile” …. watch this space.

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