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Launch Date

Only five weeks away. The book launch is being held at The Honest Lawyer…..rather ironic given that we are celebrating a crime novel, Its been very manic trying to organise everything and meeting all sorts of important,, non negotiable deadlines.  Invitations are going out….and RSVPs being counted. When I launched my first book, it was just before covid and I couldn’t travel….so now I am making up for lost time with this second. I am going to give talks in all the main regional centres, but it involved a lot of organising.  Its also only 12 1weeks until I leave for the UK and the crime festival and at times its become a little overwhelming.

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation at the Tasman Business Centre on how business is like writing a book. There are certainly a lot of parrallels…..mainly determination and resilience being the top ranking two skills to embrace.   I will write about the response next week.





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